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Oct 2012: Visiting the old Romans

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We wave a goodbye to the cathedral and then move down

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Its a lovely evening

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and the seagulls are squabbling away as usual

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A lovely lovely evening

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with the evening light falling on the trees

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We reach the museum. Its really a lovely building.

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Verulamium before the Romans.

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Its fascinating to see how histories work out. I never really imagined this span of history

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with bone fragments, buttons and the like

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equipment for horses, wheel parts, etc. etc.

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How a legionary was dressed

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this was one of the biggest roman towns around way back then

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and then the lady Boudicca revolted. It gives a shiver down the spine to remember that I live in the place where all those centuries back, there were huge armies sloshing back and forth, killing and maiming and fighting and and and

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Ma Baba wandering the little museum

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These extraordinary mosaics were found in the various houses

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very well displayed

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Nice work, no?

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floor mosaics

 photo 36-IMG_1291_zps21f46577.jpg photo 37-IMG_1293_zpsa0aac725.jpg

There’s neptune, I need to speak to you about your daughter, grumbles.

 photo 38-IMG_1297_zpsbe3226ff.jpg  photo 39-IMG_1300_zps04151010.jpg


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Temple implements found in the vicinity


 photo 47-IMG_1324_zps6eb486d3.jpg photo 48-IMG_1326_zps31f19d12.jpg

Theatre stuff. heh. hello!

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A statue of Mercury

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And Venus.

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Hmmm, for a goddess, she isn't that well endowed, eh?

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A leather coffin

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that’s how the chap looked, his name is Postumus.

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He was buried around AD 200. Sleep well, mate.


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Some more Italians..

 photo 66-IMG_1381_zps34395237.jpg

Some very sad child graves. sighs. not good.

 photo 70-IMG_1393_zps45c075fa.jpg photo 71-IMG_1396_zps979cfc5a.jpg

By law, only children older than 40 days could be buried inside the walls of the town, these were graves found outside the walls. Can you imagine? a stony faced father laying his son/daughter down into the grave? these tiny bones are not just calcium, they held the promise of a snatched life, a ton of hopes and dreams and and and. And now they are a display in a museum. Rest in peace.

 photo 72-IMG_1399_zps6904890c.jpg 

skeletons found during the excavation.

 photo 73-IMG_1401_zps507a0f3b.jpg

some of the grave goods found

 photo 74-IMG_1405_zps6c8c5a6e.jpg

this was a child’s coffin

 photo 78-IMG_1416_zpscaf0fdae.jpg 

Some toys and figurines.

 photo 79-IMG_1420_zps60f10716.jpg

A diorama of how a roman room and household life could have looked like

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Another mosaic

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Some lovely jewellery.

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It was getting cold and the day was getting old, Ma Baba were both getting tired. Sometimes I forget that they arent the spry 40 year olds running after me to wallop the tar out of me for being naughty. Nice little Museum. I have to remember to bring the kids here one day

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