Thursday, March 14, 2013

Oct 2012: Churchill is a common gangster

So I went for a ride and came across this fascinating thing. Cycling is showing me parts of London that I've never seen before.

 photo 01-IMG_5463_zps83e54a56.jpg

Im in Kenton

 photo 02-IMG_5464_zps7a927040.jpg

Riding through the morning mist

 photo 03-IMG_5465_zps6b57f7de.jpg 

and now a long long ride

 photo 04-IMG_5466_zpsedd765d2.jpg 

see how far its come

 photo 05-IMG_5467_zps0630fecc.jpg

passing above a stream

 photo 06-IMG_5468_zpsb67fdea9.jpg 

and down a central path

 photo 07-IMG_5469_zps30c2fc0b.jpg 

till I reach a corner of the A40. Hello?

 photo 09-IMG_5471_zpsf630f9a5.jpg 

a small tent with these cardboard pieces

 photo 10-IMG_5472_zpsc8e3965f.jpg 

While it was Britain's finest hour, some of the minutes of those hours were pretty bad and cringe worthy.

 photo 11-IMG_5473_zps7354d102.jpg 

This General seems to be a very brave man, I didnt know about him at all. Here’s his wiki entry.

 photo 12-IMG_5474_zps7d1c58cb.jpg 

Churchill is such a polarising figure, a man who is rated to be one of the best Britons but abroad? well, lets just say his reputation sucks

 photo 13-IMG_5475_zpsa8cbe5c5.jpg 

I didnt know about Pilecki’s report. And a bit ashamed that UK didnt help in the Auschwitz’s breakout. The communists dont come out of this well either. Sad, here’s his wiki entry.

 photo 14-IMG_5476_zps649a5d40.jpg

this little camp is against the A40

 photo 15-IMG_5477_zpsa92a3394.jpg

Empty misty foggy roads

 photo 16-IMG_5478_zpse90952fb.jpg

Yes, I can see that

 photo 17-IMG_5479_zpsaf6999a8.jpg 

My little bike..

 photo 18-IMG_5480_zps636593dd.jpg

A last look at the little camp. Poles suffered very badly in WW2 and got it in the neck from pretty much everybody. This bike ride was good but also gave me much to think about.

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