Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Oct 2013: One of the most beautiful cottages in UK belonging to the Bard’s wife #5

after finishing the visit to the church where Shakespeare is buried, we headed back to the car and then..

 photo 358-IMG_1197_zpsce239ae8.jpg

lovely gardens just outside the church

 photo 359-IMG_1198_zpsa1ebf440.jpg

gently rolling gardens…

 photo 360-IMG_1201_zps72794111.jpg

the river Avon. idyllic scenes eh?

 photo 361-IMG_1205_zpsf08f720b.jpg 

old gnarled trees

 photo 363-IMG_1211_zps9111f874.jpg 

we squabble but we also hold hands, Baba holding Ma’s hand to help her, she was badly limping by now..

 photo 365-IMG_1220_zpse89b6995.jpg 

why has a bloody lamp post been donated by the city of Bonn?

 photo 367-IMG_1226_zps981ff415.jpg

not quite sure what this is about, maybe a cemetery or some kind of a sculpture? 

 photo 368-IMG_1229_zpsed7cc67c.jpg

the theatre

 photo 372-IMG_1241_zps3ff85fc5.jpg

a lovely bridge

 photo 376-IMG_1267_zpsbdec6fc7.jpg

yeah, exactly, the old thespians. 

 photo 377-IMG_1271_zps3f74cabb.jpg

what an ironic sight, the rose and crown and then costa!

 photo 379-IMG_1276_zps0e6bf051.jpg

ancient woodwork

then we jumped into the car and drove to what can arguably be termed as the most beautiful cottages in the country. Ann Hathaway’s Cottage.

 photo 381-IMG_1282_zpsbb313ca5.jpg

seeing from the road

 photo 387-IMG_1301_zpsa5be4f54.jpg

nice shoes

 photo 388-IMG_1304_zpsa8618c8b.jpg 

having a bite to eat

 photo 389-IMG_1309_zpsafb53bcb.jpg

there’s the lovely little cottage

 photo 398-IMG_1351_zpsabf1ea3d.jpg

we head in, i wasnt supposed to take photographs so I did

 photo 399-IMG_1358_zpse432454f.jpg

lovely little cribs

 photo 400-IMG_1361_zpse56d0820.jpg

i dont think i can fit into that bed

 photo 401-IMG_1365_zps865aab07.jpg

taking a peek

 photo 402-IMG_1367_zps97adbe05.jpg

old old beams

 photo 409-IMG_1390_zpsea48f5dc.jpg 

i am waiting for Ma…

 photo 411-IMG_1395_zps9fc3f946.jpg

you can see the carpenter’s marks.

 photo 412-IMG_1397_zps695010ef.jpg

the thatch…

 photo 413-IMG_1400_zps2b5aa305.jpg 

and the lovely walls

 photo 414-IMG_1405_zpsbac639eb.jpg 

you are supposed to write a sticky to your love :) write how you met your loved one.

 photo 477-IMG_6015_zpsd589d887.jpg 

chuckles, sounds familiar, so many women in my life call me this..

 photo 415-IMG_1406_zps62b67464.jpg 

its a beautiful place

 photo 417-IMG_1416_zpsef8814ac.jpg

Baba taking it easy

 photo 418-IMG_1418_zps08cc9b10.jpg

another view of the cottage

 photo 420-IMG_1425_zps5a6b3766.jpg 

Puck will pop out soon

 photo 423-IMG_1437_zps4c31bdd6.jpg

And Ma’s tired as well

 photo 431-IMG_1479_zpsb2cef667.jpg 

My little princess 

 photo 436-IMG_1497_zps83bc2ecf.jpg

Sangeeta’s mecca..

 photo 437-IMG_1504_zps9bee23e6.jpg 

Another view of the shoe

 photo 438-IMG_1508_zpsb1748098.jpg

Another lovely brick house next to the cottage

 photo 439-IMG_1512_zps541c8108.jpg

Ma slurping on an icecream.

It was a nice day out..very enjoyable.

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