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Oct 2012: Where the Bard is buried #4

We exited from Nash’s house and then went off to pay our respects at his grave. Ma had started flagging by now, it had been a long day

 photo 201-IMG_0699_zps061f55b0.jpg 

So that’s where we have to get to. Lovely steeple

 photo 202-IMG_0700_zpsce9c77a9.jpg

We notice a war memorial on the right and popped into pay our respects

 photo 210-IMG_0726_zps975262e6.jpg  photo 211-IMG_0728_zps6513debd.jpg 

Commemorating both the world wars, there is a wall and a crucifix on an octagonal base which has the names of the brave soldiers who have died written on it.

 photo 205-IMG_0710_zps1d32c2da.jpg

It pisses me off, to see the deaths of these soldiers. So many died, and for what?

  photo 207-IMG_0716_zps9b725ef9.jpg

For their bones to moulder in some forgotten cemetery out in the world and moss growing over the memorials here.

 photo 213-IMG_0734_zps7237a9cf.jpg

We are heading to Holy Trinity Church

 photo 215-IMG_0740_zpsf2659f9a.jpg

We enter the churchyard.

 photo 216-IMG_0742_zps71e3443b.jpg

a grave stone for Henry Harding, former Vicar..

 photo 217-IMG_0751_zps259d43e0.jpg

Ancient tombs, there has been a church here since 713AD, the current building dates back to 1210 AD. HOLY MOLY! We couldn't spend too much time as the girls wanted to go see Ann Hathaway’s Cottage, I wanted to potter around the graves..

 photo 224-IMG_0774_zps7029b8cb.jpg 

Its a fairly standard church, nothing extraordinary from an architecture perspective..

 photo 225-IMG_0776_zpsc7288d6d.jpg    photo 226-IMG_0779_zps9e675225.jpg

But look at the stone, it has started flaking off, a clear sign of high antiquity. 800 odd years old..the lamp and the other detailing is starting to decay..and boy were the stones talking, just touch it and you can feel the millions of people who are buried here, who cried here, who laughed at their christening, and and and.  photo 230-IMG_0789_zpse6876ab6.jpg

The vestibule has some gravestones embedded in the walls.

 photo 231-IMG_0791_zpsc99db863.jpg 

Hmmm, the font has become a flower decoration pillar.

 photo 232-IMG_0793_zps9997f093.jpg 

Looking up the church

 photo 233-IMG_0796_zpsd917da96.jpg

Its an airy church, quite surprising, usually these old churches were all closed up and rarely had such a wonderful bank of windows which flooded the church with light.

 photo 235-IMG_0802_zps77412b21.jpg

Baba is haring up the aisle, holding Ma’s bag :)

 photo 238-IMG_0811_zpsbc48c0f1.jpg 

Beautiful stained glass windows as well.

 photo 241-IMG_0821_zpsad82adbd.jpg 

The light and shadow shows the shape of the window…

 photo 243-IMG_0826_zps745601a4.jpg

This church has seen so many soldiers pass through its aisles, here is one of the plaque’s commemorating one unit.

 photo 244-IMG_0830_zps3d6c36b9.jpg 

Another soldier who died in 1900. On a totally pointless war, not one of British high points where we frankly invented the scorched earth policy and concentration camps. Here’s a letter about this action at Hammond’s Kraal.

Extracts from letter from Trooper E. A. Belletto, T.I.C.: -

"Pretoria. September 3.

"We have just joined Lieutenant Per- kins and BOino of our own fellows, making M in all, and are going to join Captain Lewis to-morrow or next dav. so are hav-

ing a day's spell, which we needed. Have _ been on the march ever since ye landed

in the country. We are supposed to go to Warmbad, -on the Petersburg line.After .ire came into Kroonstadt we were entrained for Pretoria, which place wereached after two days' train. Now, again, 'to the march, whieh we resumed. After two dara in camp we joined Ian Hamilton'i .column, and struck out for Waterva], where the Boers kept such a lot of pri- soners (the British). I could give a fair description of the prison, but it will keep for some future time. From there we made for Hainsworth Kraal, bnt before we reached that place lorne of the Queensland- er«, who were in the advance guard, were fired on by a few Boers, and it resulted in one Queenslander being shot, and two wounded. Stopped there that tight. In the morning went south-east again, and 'made for the Delagoa line. The second ' day out from Hammond's Kraal we were

surprised in the morning. Just as every- thing was leaving camp the Boers pre-sented us with a few shellB, the first kill- ing a heap of mules and blowing a nig- ger's hoad off, and the others wounding a few. We wore lu the advafice guard, and expoctod a warm time of it. Tho Boer guns wero soon silenced when the British guns got to work on them. When they ceased firing wo again staited on the march, but did not go above three miles. Had all tho horses out of guns, and mules out of wnggonB to water, w;hc>. the Boers staited shelling again. Then, to see how mon can gel gillis into action I It was marvellous. It didn't seem a min- ute bcfoie a dozen guns woio roaring from our side, Bonding lyddite, shrapnel, and pom-poms. The fun had pioperly started Ilion. Tho roar of the cannon wan deafening. Wo nil dismounted, pur horses tnl.cn to shelter, and we- marched out and took shelter in tho grass, lying down in three long lines, every man in

open order-that is, about threo yards apart. We wero not long before we werosalutod with a sholl, dropping just behind us, tearing up the ground m tons. Luckily no one was hit. I felt a hit of a funny sensation pnss over me when it landed, but never took any notice after, although . wo didn't know what minute on« would

drop where we were. We lay in the gras« io Tong, with the shells screaming over us, that some of the fellows fell asleep. You would hardly credit it, but it is a positive faot, for the Colontl came np and MW

thuin, and said those men' ara all right; Ihey me made of the right »tun*. We never gol a shot that day witli the rifle, but the guns kept going for a long while, till the .iopr guns snddenly ceased, and they domed for thoir lives. That was our first


fix I rai Is from letter received by Mr. L. Corrigan, of Colobrook, from TrooperCmiieton Storey, of tho Imperial Austra- lian Begimont:

For what? why did Richard die in this eminently forgettable place? Google Maps couldnt even find the location. That’s how stupid war is.

 photo 246-IMG_0835_zps146b63bb.jpg

Reminds me of all the Biggles books, brave pilot indeed.

 photo 247-IMG_0839_zpsf544f7c5.jpg 

The pulpit

 photo 248-IMG_0848_zpsc15b4eca.jpg

With candles on the left

 photo 249-IMG_0851_zps986a9d1f.jpg

More memorial plaques

 photo 250-IMG_0854_zps7f26fba5.jpg

Book of rememberance

 photo 251-IMG_0856_zpsba7cef1a.jpg 

A little altar

 photo 252-IMG_0860_zps6ccf7613.jpg  photo 253-IMG_0863_zpse7ebe9b2.jpg

the pulpit is carved out of some kind of green stone, never seen this stone before, I wonder what it can be? The softly gleaming statues inside the niches are extraordinarily beautiful.

 photo 254-IMG_0866_zpsb87be755.jpg

Another man who died in vain, in Labuan, an island in East Malaysia.

 photo 256-IMG_0872_zpsac5eddf2.jpg 

 photo 257-IMG_0874_zpsfef7007e.jpg

Some beautifully decorated tombs..in the left aisle

 photo 264-IMG_0896_zps97ee9293.jpg 

tiny doorway going up to the bell tower, Alice in wonderland



 photo 266-IMG_0904_zps1f794c94.jpg 


 photo 267-IMG_0908_zps9dc85d44.jpg 


 photo 268-IMG_0912_zps5fca3042.jpg 

Shakespeare was baptised, he got married here and he got buried here. He was hatched, matched and dispatched in other words.

 photo 272-IMG_0923_zpsd6c81d03.jpg photo 274-IMG_0929_zpse46c1fc5.jpg

The altar and windows are beautiful, truly exquisite.

 photo 275-IMG_0931_zps1d4981fe.jpg  photo 276-IMG_0934_zpsd09c725c.jpg photo 277-IMG_0938_zpsa10c1d37.jpg  photo 278-IMG_0940_zpsba5b7700.jpg photo 279-IMG_0944_zps36dbbf18.jpg photo 281-IMG_0950_zps19f63437.jpg  photo 282-IMG_0953_zpsef6b94a7.jpg photo 284-IMG_0959_zpscc35d9e4.jpg

The three sides are full of beautiful tombs, carvings and other grave ornaments.

 photo 285-IMG_0961_zps237cf9cf.jpg


 photo 286-IMG_0964_zpsecb852bd.jpg

And pride of place, in a row in front, Shakespeare and his family…Thomas Nash, John Hall, Susannah…

 photo 290-IMG_0977_zpsb439c25f.jpg

Looking back at the main church

 photo 291-IMG_0979_zps7efb6392.jpg  photo 303-IMG_1024_zps8767791e.jpg

 photo 297-IMG_1000_zps41f9360c.jpg photo 298-IMG_1003_zps19a589cd.jpg photo 295-IMG_0995_zps8e45203c.jpg  photo 296-IMG_0998_zps05949f11.jpg photo 294-IMG_0988_zps89615bb2.jpg photo 292-IMG_0982_zpsed05ae11.jpg

the woodwork is really nice, on the roof, on the pews, on the misericords, you name it.

 photo 305-IMG_1033_zps5e31a967.jpg photo 308-IMG_1043_zpsd1482306.jpg

Baba checking out the register of the birth and burial of the bard and then taking a load off his feet.

 photo 309-IMG_1047_zps9900394e.jpg  photo 310-IMG_1048_zps7cfbf94f.jpg

this was an exquisite plaque, beautiful work, seriously beautiful.

then we came back down the church and in the corner is a place where you can dress up in contemporary clothing. And my little princess got on the case..

 photo 312-IMG_1063_zps08b1534d.jpg photo 315-IMG_1069_zps92f81b54.jpg photo 320-IMG_1077_zps67c8d7a1.jpg

 photo 325-IMG_1091_zpscab5eaed.jpg 

She obviously got squished…

 photo 321-IMG_1078_zps27184569.jpg

How the church looked like few hundred years back.

 photo 328-IMG_1100_zps5488d445.jpg 

lovely old doorway…

 photo 332-IMG_1114_zps0b962f0e.jpg

I firmly believe that the ancients were much smaller than we are now..

 photo 335-IMG_1130_zps2481802d.jpg

the girls in front of the main doorway

 photo 336-IMG_1133_zpsf1eee1e8.jpg

A really amazing tree..

 photo 337-IMG_1136_zps78b29e91.jpg

Just begging for a little forest nymphet to climb up

 photo 338-IMG_1139_zps6e64f8b8.jpg

and smile

 photo 342-IMG_1151_zps243959b1.jpg

the vicarage?

 photo 343-IMG_1154_zps70be6273.jpg

the church is made up of this golden stone, reminds me of Jerusalem..

 photo 344-IMG_1157_zps7a28aa55.jpg

Soaring steeple

 photo 350-IMG_1175_zpscaa2dd0b.jpg 

the large window, can you imagine building something so delicate with those thin stone pillars, surviving for so long…solid construction.

 photo 351-IMG_1178_zps59c94963.jpg

the graveyard from the other side


 photo 355-IMG_1188_zpsac606743.jpg

And the steeple


 photo 356-IMG_1190_zpse3353b36.jpg

Hello Mr. Squirrel.

 photo 357-IMG_1192_zpsd0a42a2a.jpg

We start heading back to town…

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