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Oct 2012: We see a pig and Shakespeare's house #1

So we all piled into the car and went to see Sangeeta’s Mecca. Lovely little place

 photo 001-IMG_0001_zpsd298bc06.jpg

It was market day!

 photo 002-IMG_0005_zps113c6004.jpg 

And a lovely little clock tower as well

 photo 003-IMG_0007_zps521787a2.jpg

And there is a beautiful looking pig being slow roasted, absolutely brilliant. It was too early so didnt manage to grab some slices of that succulent pork..mmm. But as I type, 4 pork chops marinated in whiskey, honey and mustard are in the oven :)

 photo 005-IMG_0015_zpsea604876.jpg 

So here’s the cute little clock tower

 photo 006-IMG_0017_zps2080001d.jpg

Hmmm, a gift! very nice

 photo 008-IMG_0025_zps6d278e38.jpg    photo 009-IMG_0035_zps849d9d84.jpg

My little Alice in wonderland

 photo 010-IMG_0037_zps0d9a1c18.jpg

We walk to Shakespear’s place

 photo 011-IMG_0040_zpsc5a5556f.jpg

Here’s a house next to the main house

 photo 012-IMG_0043_zpsd549775c.jpg

And here’s the main house

 photo 013-IMG_0047_zps17328781.jpg 

Hmmm, confusing…

 photo 016-IMG_0059_zpse0946bec.jpg

the great man’s desk

 photo 017-IMG_0062_zpsd338a15e.jpg  photo 018-IMG_0066_zps935b33ad.jpg

how the globe theater looked way back then

 photo 020-IMG_0074_zpsbeb4dd5e.jpg

The man writing on his desk..

 photo 440-IMG_5967_zps6ceb9fa1.jpg  photo 441-IMG_5968_zps685ad20f.jpg

a bedroom which belonged to his parents photo 023-IMG_0083_zpsf4856a71.jpg

one of the oldest books with his plays..

 photo 442-IMG_5970_zpsf2cee55f.jpg 

The dining room..

 photo 027-IMG_0095_zpsf67d953d.jpg

walking to the next house

 photo 031-IMG_0107_zpsec3e958e.jpg

A lovely little poppy tree

 photo 032-IMG_0110_zps55635e25.jpg

A pear tree

 photo 034-IMG_0116_zpsb971eb21.jpg

A old gnarled tree

 photo 443-IMG_5973_zps08240383.jpg 

I wasnt allowed to take pictures inside :(

 photo 447-IMG_5977_zps0921a711.jpg

So I sneaked some

 photo 448-IMG_5978_zpse4251d36.jpg 

Graffiti…by previous visitors to the Bard’s house

 photo 449-IMG_5979_zps67148586.jpg 

Here’s the man himself

 photo 450-IMG_5980_zpsfdb14e7b.jpg  photo 451-IMG_5981_zpsbd1e08df.jpg

Nice exhibition

 photo 452-IMG_5983_zps0654e2c3.jpg  photo 454-IMG_5985_zps780b76dd.jpg

A bedroom with Diya checking it out

 photo 455-IMG_5986_zps6af4396c.jpg

Interesting bed replica, with strings to tighten the base and a lovely little example of then clothing

 photo 456-IMG_5987_zps6d686618.jpg 

So many tourists waiting outside

 photo 459-IMG_5993_zpsb5912a6f.jpg  photo 460-IMG_5994_zpsd9694af2.jpg

the bedroom where the man was born…

 photo 463-IMG_5998_zps89e839ce.jpg  photo 464-IMG_5999_zps96e03bef.jpg

And the kitchen…

nice, and then we step into the garden and meet a very surprising sight.


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