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Oct 2012: Tagore in the Bard's village #2

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Coming out of Shakespeare’s house.

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Ma popping out of the house

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we went for a walk in the garden, and noticed a little bust down there.

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What on earth is a statue of Gurudeb doing in the Bard’s garden? How amazing,

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Looking back at Shakespeare's house

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In the garden, they had constant showing of his plays

 photo 043-IMG_0155_zps6df9464f.jpg  photo 046-IMG_0164_zpsab1a4260.jpg photo 045-IMG_0160_zpsc5428843.jpg photo 047-IMG_0166_zpsce569aef.jpg photo 044-IMG_0157_zps19b6ff4d.jpg


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we popped out and looking back at the bard’s house

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there is a lovely little bookstore there, but I had to stop myself from purchasing any books!

 photo 053-IMG_0187_zps2f811b9a.jpg 

Not happy because we weren't allowed to go inside the sweet shop :(

 photo 054-IMG_0190_zps75dd76c0.jpg

A proud windwane

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How ancient house selling digital stuff..ironic

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We pop into a restaurant to have a bite to eat

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Beautiful garden

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Baba feeling tired

 photo 059-IMG_0208_zpsbcce268c.jpg  photo 060-IMG_0212_zps85af8743.jpg

the girls are checking out the menu

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lovely surroundings

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Another view of Nash’s house..

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Hey!!! I know that bank!

 photo 067-IMG_0232_zpsee989a1d.jpg photo 068-IMG_0235_zps3c6502d8.jpg

 photo 071-IMG_0247_zps1b3a0f1c.jpg

That is a beautiful building with terracotta tiles..really lovely.

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Lovely flowers…

  photo 072-IMG_0250_zpsffe2e5f5.jpg 

Gimme some support

 photo 073-IMG_0254_zps84a87c8b.jpg 

Its truly a bard’s town

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Walking to the good doctor’s house…that’s for the next session

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