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Oct 2012: When Ma Baba frolicked in the gardens of Luton

I had to go do a lecture at the University of Bedfordshire so took the day off, took the parental units, dropped them off at this little park, did the lecture, and came back to pick them up after couple of hours and here is the photo essay of that trip. Warning, long post.

 photo 001-IMG_0009_zpsa1dfa9c9.jpg

It was a fairly good day, as in it wasnt raining, but still the trees were starting to go all autumny red

  photo 002-IMG_0014_zps54ae2b68.jpg

nice licence plate :)

 photo 003-IMG_0017_zps8385d0d7.jpg

the sky was all cloudy and stuffies

 photo 004-IMG_0022_zps6c879618.jpg

but the flowers were out

 photo 005-IMG_0024_zps8d776df6.jpg

Ma checking them…

 photo 007-IMG_0031_zpsff716b0f.jpg

beautiful colours and spikes

 photo 008-IMG_0034_zpsaaa281a6.jpg 

so this is where we were, lovely place..

 photo 009-IMG_0037_zpsc6e6d865.jpg

Bike racks, funny looking ones, eh? miniature penny rides

 photo 010-IMG_0039_zpsf34cb3c7.jpg

An interesting combination of stuff, well arranged

 photo 012-IMG_0045_zpsa4263c53.jpg 

This is a waspinator, it fools wasps into thinking that there is an existing wasp nest so they fly away.

 photo 013-IMG_0048_zps5e2cfb12.jpg  photo 028-IMG_0111_zpsd831bded.jpg

a cute little cart

 photo 014-IMG_0052_zpsa01a4a90.jpg

a dragon fly bench

 photo 015-IMG_0054_zps97b8f733.jpg

bark path

 photo 022-IMG_0087_zpsdf08372f.jpg 

Lord of all I survey

 photo 019-IMG_0075_zpsf47c4979.jpg

With Ma

 photo 023-IMG_0097_zps604a6934.jpg 

A well…

 photo 025-IMG_0103_zpsece1c10c.jpg


 photo 026-IMG_0105_zps2ca102a0.jpg 

It has been repaired to an inch of its life

 photo 032-IMG_0124_zps3dd2cb92.jpg

Baba doing the waggle dance, this is the dance bee’s do when they find a good source of honey..did you know they dance in a figure of 8, thereby showing the direction and distance to the target? brilliant, no?

 photo 034-IMG_0130_zps9ee80ac6.jpg

Doing cartwheels

 photo 035-IMG_0133_zps611d39fa.jpg

lovely ivy

 photo 036-IMG_0136_zps8de09be6.jpg

a smily totty

 photo 037-IMG_0139_zps7af08bff.jpg  photo 038-IMG_0142_zps59e4adf9.jpg

And some more lovely flowers

 photo 039-IMG_0145_zps33910158.jpg

drying fens..

 photo 043-IMG_0160_zpsbe14ac21.jpg

Lovely old brick wall with a greenery against it

 photo 046-IMG_0175_zps0adc8a0b.jpg 


 photo 047-IMG_0181_zpsb5f5591d.jpg

We sat for a wee bit of a rest

 photo 048-IMG_0190_zps62431ce2.jpg 

peeking through the fence

 photo 049-IMG_0193_zps6e5a4ba4.jpg

beautiful velvety leaves

 photo 050-IMG_0196_zps3fd4ecc6.jpg


 photo 051-IMG_0199_zps855900e3.jpg

ancient carvings

 photo 052-IMG_0202_zps255fb55c.jpg

two lions waiting patiently down the centuries

 photo 053-IMG_0205_zpsea2b2b36.jpg 


 photo 054-IMG_0208_zps5816b3e5.jpg 

hey, my favourite person :)

 photo 055-IMG_0211_zpsa2c2687f.jpg 

Venus I presume?

 photo 056-IMG_0214_zps30faabf4.jpg 

Another Venus

 photo 057-IMG_0217_zps8a583c97.jpg 

Ma being a bit pensive

 photo 058-IMG_0220_zpsa00e14c7.jpg

A wine goddess hiding behind the vines

 photo 060-IMG_0226_zpscc8bad44.jpg 

Now these amphorae better be filled

 photo 061-IMG_0229_zps71f1a854.jpg

Do we have a labyrinth?

 photo 062-IMG_0231_zpsb2ad8859.jpg

Blue bells

 photo 063-IMG_0235_zpsd0ea368c.jpg 

Such a beautiful arbour

 photo 065-IMG_0241_zps45bc5189.jpg

Ma decided to take a breather, she has had a knee replacement surgery recently but she still gads about around the world

 photo 066-IMG_0244_zps9abeeee0.jpg 

Steps to a lovely green heaven

 photo 067-IMG_0247_zpscacf18e8.jpg  photo 068-IMG_0253_zps8b9bfaf0.jpg photo 069-IMG_0256_zpsa5b0414b.jpg

Beautiful sculptures..

 photo 070-IMG_0259_zps9282c04f.jpg 

dried leaves…, they look strangely like human skin

 photo 071-IMG_0261_zps9f8478bd.jpg  photo 072-IMG_0268_zpsff62b3c4.jpg

Some in vases, some in beds..

  photo 073-IMG_0271_zps3feadd96.jpg

shy flowers

 photo 074-IMG_0274_zps9b2f3296.jpg

hmmm, curious, faces looking down..

 photo 075-IMG_0280_zpsa6020c7a.jpg 

an honest to goodness gnome! in a formal garden!

 photo 082-IMG_0300_zps48a1336b.jpg  photo 083-IMG_0303_zps7f2fdf25.jpg

I guess this would look much better in the summer when the vines or creepers cover this structure..

 photo 085-IMG_0312_zpsb85def95.jpg

Ma taking a photo of some stinking cabbages

 photo 087-IMG_0318_zps10894866.jpg  photo 088-IMG_0322_zps83bd8b95.jpg

 photo 089-IMG_0325_zps88c864e1.jpg

Anderson nice, its a tiny pokey place..amazing what those chaps went through

 photo 092-IMG_0331_zpsaafcf0c6.jpg

Some farm equipment in place

 photo 093-IMG_0334_zps742f6f7a.jpg


 photo 094-IMG_0339_zpsc9f28a0c.jpg

I forced him to go sit on the tractor, he was giddy like a kid! :)

 photo 091-IMG_5965_zps70007765.jpg 

Baba reading some of the plaques

 photo 097-IMG_0348_zps7a5994d4.jpg photo 098-IMG_0352_zpsec3fa723.jpg photo 099-IMG_0355_zpsb6c6dc63.jpg

Lovely carvings, beautiful expressions…

  photo 100-IMG_0358_zps510d7b44.jpg 

Victoria Regina…an old old post box

 photo 101-IMG_0361_zpsfba138eb.jpg

I am not sure the clock is showing the right time

 photo 102-IMG_0363_zps534f4554.jpg

A lovely windwane

 photo 104-IMG_0369_zps6dfa6418.jpg

I wouldnt sleep there…a little grave found in the locality

 photo 103-IMG_0367_zps82409182.jpg

This replica Roman Chariot was used in the Ben Hur Movie by Charton Heston…HUGE!

 photo 110-IMG_0388_zps7135f44e.jpg 

The chap in the back was the restorer, they were restoring this beautiful baby

 photo 111-IMG_0391_zps4192894d.jpg 

A strong door, was originally used as a door to the lockup.

 photo 113-IMG_0399_zpsbd9d60e1.jpg

Now I would love to work on this desk

 photo 115-IMG_0405_zps2618f43e.jpg 

A Lebanese Cedar Tree, it was planted in 1700…hello there old chap

 photo 117-IMG_0411_zpscbf96b87.jpg

Ma clicking the tree

 photo 118-IMG_5966_zps019f687b.jpg

And here’s the church tower in the University of Bedfordshire where I had gone to lecture. Lovely visit with Ma Baba, it was good to spend time with them…Very long time. We rarely went on holidays when I was young, but I do remember a memorable one when we went to Kashmir..I was 6 or 7 at that time…very nice.

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