Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Sept 2012: Friends Brits and countrymen

So I reach St. Albans one day and then pootle down to the Roman Amphitheatre

 photo 01-IMG_5218_zpscff4ebc0.jpg

I parked the bike and then moved in

 photo 02-IMG_5219_zpsa6521d28.jpg

Not much is left, the old amphitheatre is hardly anything, just ruins..

 photo 03-IMG_5220_zps129614c9.jpg

some ditches and very low wall

 photo 05-IMG_5222_zps57b555e5.jpg

this was supposed to be the Triumphal Arch.

How did it look before?


you cannot recognise anything, can you? I stood there for sometime, letting the cool breeze waft over me and tried desperately to hear something, anything. But nope, nothing, no talk, no whisper, nothing. which is a bit of a shame..usually these places talk to me (i know, I am a nutter for listening for the voices of long dead people..)

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