Thursday, March 21, 2013

Oct 2012: Beachy Head – head for the cliffs

 photo 001-IMG_0001_zps53d801fb.jpg

we popped over to Beachy Head

 photo 002-IMG_0004_zpsc31972af.jpg

it was a lovely day, sunny with some clouds

 photo 003-IMG_0007_zps4dd77d1e.jpg

Eastbourne on the east

 photo 004-IMG_0010_zps85c07b3f.jpg

we are walking up the cliff path

 photo 005-IMG_0015_zps39986d02.jpg

Ma taking some pics.

 photo 007-IMG_0020_zps7c80e89e.jpg

some angry looking clouds there…

 photo 010-IMG_0028_zps59667c81.jpg

Hands up

 photo 012-IMG_0035_zps10dc1efa.jpg

A day of two halves

 photo 019-IMG_0064_zps2b70a554.jpg

whoa, something out of the horror movies

 photo 021-IMG_0080_zpsb7f90c4a.jpg

the deep blue sea

 photo 022-IMG_0082_zpsa1ada83e.jpg

come on Baba

 photo 023-IMG_0086_zpsa6a85579.jpg

and she disappears into the distance. little flighty fairy

 photo 024-IMG_0089_zps8bd09d78.jpg

you just want to roll down…

 photo 026-IMG_0095_zps8c7814e0.jpg

different shades

 photo 030-IMG_0109_zpsf12b9dc0.jpg

A RAF memorial

 photo 032-IMG_0116_zps933dd256.jpg

Baba reading the inscription.

 photo 044-IMG_0154_zps5d76f521.jpg

Looking out over the sea

 photo 046-IMG_0164_zps7cfae17e.jpg

a little boat

 photo 050-IMG_0177_zps9c3e8168.jpg

Grandpa and Grandson

 photo 056-IMG_0194_zps0e63ee5c.jpg

more contrasts.

 photo 057-IMG_0197_zpsb6b5b54c.jpg  photo 058-IMG_0200_zps61a14988.jpg


 photo 060-IMG_0209_zps468fcc1b.jpg

Ma rolling up the cliffs

 photo 063-IMG_0221_zpsd99f13d5.jpg

reading another inscription

 photo 064-IMG_0223_zpsc66a6d66.jpg

Baba with the seven headlands behind him

 photo 065-IMG_0228_zpsaa2bc31e.jpg

Ma looking at the lighthouse

 photo 067-IMG_0232_zpsb62f32b3.jpg

Baba checking the lighthouse

 photo 072-IMG_0248_zpsbdd6aebf.jpg

Another view of the picturesque lighthouse

 photo 073-IMG_0250_zps65cd1961.jpg

Yes, that’s a car down there

 photo 085-IMG_0294_zpsb14b5696.jpg

Mamma on a cliff edge

 photo 096-IMG_0331_zps0613c5d4.jpg

We are heading back

 photo 097-IMG_0337_zps85df28f2.jpg

Hello? what’s here?

 photo 101-IMG_0353_zps3e7af94d.jpg

Mamma pushing it over

 photo 106-IMG_0361_zps82e8f96d.jpg

What am I doing here? why do I have to do these ridiculous poses?

 photo 111-IMG_0386_zps081342d3.jpg

Diya running back to collect me

It was a nice day out with the family.. :)

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