Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Oct 2012: When I said hello again to an old friend HMS Belfast

I have been to HMS Belfast before, it is a very personal thing with me which I have written before here.

 photo 01-IMG_5441_zps1a50cbe9.jpg

I was invited to a corporate dinner on the ship, so off I toddled off

 photo 02-IMG_5442_zps98584b67.jpg

evening time

 photo 03-IMG_5443_zpscb3bd964.jpg

it looks so so so beautiful, you need to be a special nutty sort to see feminine beauty in a ship..isn't she gorgeous?

 photo 04-IMG_5444_zps5f24cd23.jpg

smooth long sweet swooping lines..

 photo 05-IMG_5446_zps911c6f98.jpg

I start down the gangway, with tower bridge in the background

 photo 06-IMG_5449_zps52953b50.jpg

can you imagine the whiplash of those 8 inch guns going off? firing at the oncoming destroyers?

 photo 07-IMG_5450_zps10b49a7c.jpg

it really looks so beautiful

 photo 09-IMG_5960_zps162e85f7.jpg 

the tower of London on the other side of the Thames

 photo 10-IMG_5452_zpse0b40fdb.jpg

whoa, what do we have here? looks like another naval ship is having a party..

 photo 12-IMG_5456_zpsd6948b78.jpg

It is a moonlit night

 photo 13-IMG_5457_zps7c81b07d.jpg

the famous ship bell

 photo 14-IMG_5458_zpsaf3c81db.jpg 

a naval mine

 photo 15-IMG_5459_zpsaa797808.jpg

heading back now, the tower bridge with the moon…

 photo 16-IMG_5460_zps161c276b.jpg 

another view of the tower bridge

 photo 17-IMG_5461_zps1edbf4ea.jpg

it looks so bloody menacing

 photo 18-IMG_5462_zps50128e9c.jpg

nice no? now she touches my soul and heard

 photo 19-IMG_5962_zpsfc37b948.jpg

On the way back, i saw this on the wall of a tube station…interesting thing which measures the movement of the walls, if the wall shifts, then those strings will break..fascinating

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