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Oct 2012: a lovely garden in the Bard’s village #3

We headed out to Shakespeare's house

 photo 076-IMG_0262_zpsc3341f01.jpg  photo 077-IMG_0267_zps0d7458dc.jpg

quite a lot of excavations are happening around here.

 photo 078-IMG_0268_zps37336a1b.jpg

And we have the council building on the other side, a place to which we will repair to anon

 photo 079-IMG_0272_zps12623dda.jpg 

Beautiful greenery

 photo 089-IMG_0295_zpsc5afd274.jpg 

an ivy covered well

 photo 093-IMG_0317_zps9923e88d.jpg 

we head into the lovely garden

 photo 095-IMG_0329_zpsee2b18e3.jpg

grape vines

 photo 097-IMG_0335_zpscaf5d284.jpg 

Baba is happy trundling around the garden.  

 photo 099-IMG_0340_zpse22277c5.jpg  photo 101-IMG_0347_zps95770ca2.jpg

very nice

 photo 103-IMG_0352_zps8bc9395d.jpg

and a little bower covered with shrubbery

 photo 104-IMG_0356_zps96f9d19a.jpg  photo 109-IMG_0371_zpsb0453b7b.jpg photo 108-IMG_0367_zpse3bb7383.jpg  photo 105-IMG_0359_zps16116db5.jpg  photo 110-IMG_0374_zpse8dd7d90.jpg  photo 118-IMG_0404_zps282bfa50.jpg photo 119-IMG_0407_zpsae29579c.jpg  photo 120-IMG_0409_zps3753a273.jpg

  the garden is full of lovely symbolic sculptures from the bard’s plays

 photo 106-IMG_0362_zps8d2d8edb.jpg

Diya playing at being an archaeologist

 photo 107-IMG_0365_zps68deae57.jpg

that looks sad…lol

 photo 111-IMG_0376_zpsecc72e96.jpg 

A lovely little nook with a set of lovely sculptures. 

 photo 122-IMG_0416_zps10556d04.jpg

Ma’s knees started to give way…so resting away

 photo 129-IMG_0455_zpsc7e27fda.jpg

Baba joins her

 photo 126-IMG_0437_zps1a74920c.jpg

Mamma also resting in the little bower

 photo 133-IMG_0467_zps7a361b6e.jpg  photo 134-IMG_0469_zps1501e26d.jpg

the girls trying out some of the old antique clothing

  photo 136-IMG_0476_zps4a34e485.jpg

heh. that’s me, btw

  photo 138-IMG_0481_zps37ee4909.jpg 

We move into the guild chapel

 photo 141-IMG_0490_zpse150e70c.jpg  photo 142-IMG_0494_zpsb1f45047.jpg

frankly, its a bit manky…bleah

 photo 143-IMG_0499_zps3a865f3e.jpg 

head back out to the road

 photo 145-IMG_0508_zps4f8a208a.jpg 


 photo 149-IMG_0523_zps471fe6ee.jpg photo 150-IMG_0526_zps0f1c41dc.jpg photo 151-IMG_0529_zps2fbd151e.jpg

An old college…

 photo 152-IMG_0532_zpsa6d1edc7.jpg  photo 153-IMG_0536_zps8e052f9c.jpg

hmmm, an interesting juxtaposition.. nice knocker :P

We reach Hall’s Croft, the chap who married Shakespeare's daughter.

 photo 157-IMG_0549_zps0006c5f1.jpg

It has been very lovingly maintained

 photo 158-IMG_0551_zps48d7947f.jpg

Hmmm, ok….

 photo 159-IMG_0554_zpsd985cd34.jpg

an old medicine text

 photo 162-IMG_0563_zps3847e665.jpg

The surgery

 photo 164-IMG_0568_zpsbe8feea6.jpg

And then the kitchen

 photo 165-IMG_0572_zpsf9a9f718.jpg

with a giant fireplace with some equipment which is difficult to put a name to..

 photo 166-IMG_0575_zps0689c606.jpg 

that is one uncomfortable seat

 photo 167-IMG_0578_zps18efd96c.jpg

exquisite glasswork

 photo 168-IMG_0581_zpsb854a58a.jpg

an old style crib…

 photo 169-IMG_0586_zpsa07f4ecd.jpg

a fake fireplace but still fascinating to see how they managed these

 photo 170-IMG_0590_zps0c51ffdb.jpg

one thing which I cannot get over is how small the beds used to be.

 photo 172-IMG_0597_zpsccd76310.jpg

and then the loo..

 photo 173-IMG_0598_zps7fcbb0eb.jpg

pretty swish cutlery and dining room set, eh? why not? he was a doctor and was fairly wealthy

 photo 174-IMG_0603_zps1ee35368.jpg

silver and furniture and clothes and and and..

 photo 176-IMG_0610_zps7195acc1.jpg

another bedroom

 photo 177-IMG_0614_zpsd35214e8.jpg 

I have to admit, those head wimples make them look very silly.

 photo 178-IMG_0617_zps073d7b7b.jpg

Ma sunning herself in the October sunlight

 photo 180-IMG_0625_zps1c2fb07d.jpg

Diya running around in the garden.

 photo 182-IMG_0632_zps7542c1bf.jpg

some lovely plants at the base of this tree.

 photo 194-IMG_0667_zps18bfd065.jpg 

Mum leaning against the house

 photo 199-IMG_0691_zps57ae357f.jpg 

you can see how ancient the house is, the beams are wood and then the space between is filled with bricks, stones, limestone and stuff.

 photo 200-IMG_0694_zps4a3537f1.jpg

and the house is supported by these giant jacks, i presume to stop it sinking around the ears..

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