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Oct 2013: Visiting the prettiest castle in England

So we visited Bodiam Castle

 photo 001-IMG_0392_zpsadbc098f.jpg

It has a reputation of being the prettiest castles in England and with due reason.

 photo 008-IMG_0439_zpsab88a8bb.jpg

Dates back to 14th century.

 photo 007-IMG_0415_zpsb9e28ef5.jpg

Now isn't that a picture postcard view?

 photo 024-IMG_0491_zps6788f697.jpg

Ducks in the moat

 photo 026-IMG_0497_zps56f32d52.jpg

Holly trees..

 photo 028-IMG_0503_zps8c5e57f7.jpg

View of the entrance

 photo 033-IMG_0515_zpse2845e44.jpg

The ticket shop has a diorama of how it looked like back then..Notice the dog leg for the entrance, now the entrance is straight.

 photo 034-IMG_0517_zpsea8f4169.jpg

The sun has come out, looks beautiful no?

 photo 045-IMG_0563_zps37b34861.jpg

The moat is full of what looks like trout.

 photo 047-IMG_0569_zpsff1c7697.jpg 

And then we met this lady with the owl.

 photo 050-IMG_0577_zps5f4b52b7.jpg 

oooo, the entrance is guarded by a little guardian.

 photo 062-IMG_0615_zpsca4dfc0a.jpg

After squishing the little guardian, we went in, just in time, it started pouring with rain.

 photo 066-IMG_0629_zpsee30ca8d.jpg

The murder holes, from which one can drop very hot sand…

 photo 067-IMG_0631_zpsfe2be479.jpg 

Here’s the map.

 photo 069-IMG_0638_zpsc692306e.jpg  photo 075-IMG_0656_zpsd1ea4862.jpg

Ancient graffiti.

 photo 070-IMG_0641_zps16401c2e.jpg

The lady, dressed up in period costume, gave us a 10 minute overview.

 photo 078-IMG_0665_zps4d2cd962.jpg

Ancient ancient stones, weathering away…beautiful.

 photo 079-IMG_0667_zps8f79038a.jpg

Some people spent quite a long time carving their initials into the stone.

 photo 084-IMG_0683_zpsa8cac810.jpg  photo 085-IMG_0686_zpsfe3eb9f4.jpg

The stairs, always right way around, this is because most swordsmen were right handed and thus when they were attacking from below, couldnt use their swords, while the defenders could. You couldnt use the spear as well because of the tight spiral..they were steep, very steep.

 photo 087-IMG_0692_zps07b3e8f3.jpg 

Peering out from an arrow slit.

 photo 088-IMG_0696_zps289ff409.jpg

Nice view

 photo 092-IMG_0704_zps8aa7896c.jpg 

 photo 093-IMG_0705_zps047e23b2.jpg


 photo 094-IMG_0706_zpsd0d6d3cd.jpg 

A little princess in her castle

 photo 110-IMG_0743_zps03cc2de2.jpg

I reach the top of the tower and peer down to the moat, the defenders would use these holes to drop stones or whatever down on attackers.

 photo 112-IMG_0749_zpse0860f4a.jpg 

Fairly high up, the walls werent that thick

 photo 113-IMG_0751_zps3c7e2f31.jpg

they have restored it well

 photo 114-IMG_0754_zps07e775d8.jpg

The inner quad

 photo 137-IMG_0825_zps2345313a.jpg  photo 138-IMG_0827_zps0ea57a87.jpg

I climb down and then reach the great hall

  photo 139-IMG_0830_zps0edf32e1.jpg

Now there’s a fireplace

 photo 140-IMG_0833_zps9ae1e001.jpg 

Not much left of the windows..

 photo 142-IMG_0840_zps7b9dcfe4.jpg 

A little pool off the great hall

 photo 143-IMG_0843_zps68ce4b1d.jpg

looks so mysterious

 photo 144-IMG_0845_zps8b30e9dc.jpg 

Looking up at the well, the folks would need a secure place for water.

 photo 152-IMG_0867_zps6c256824.jpg 

walking back out

 photo 159-IMG_0891_zpsa87c73a5.jpg 

Diya trying out one of the little musical instruments

 photo 162-IMG_0901_zpsa6bc5733.jpg

You can see where the floors used to be, with the fireplaces

 photo 165-IMG_0909_zps36a54732.jpg

looking into the quad

 photo 167-IMG_0916_zps1eefc727.jpg

Stuff that used to be dropped on people’s heads, rodents, hot sand, boiling water and

 photo 170-IMG_0924_zps5e623e81.jpg


 photo 178-IMG_0949_zps3f57564a.jpg 

on the passageway between the two towers

 photo 179-IMG_0951_zps22961011.jpg

the walls are mossy…old old stones

 photo 182-IMG_0960_zps94986429.jpg

a waste outlet

 photo 184-IMG_0966_zps9116e1d1.jpg

more to come

 photo 188-IMG_0980_zps7c9dd5ac.jpg 

what a lovely view

 photo 192-IMG_0993_zps9f70c088.jpg 

I reach the top of the tower

 photo 193-IMG_0998_zps0a085fd3.jpg

lovely view over the rolling landscape

 photo 197-IMG_1010_zpsd045db71.jpg

a view of the entrance

 photo 199-IMG_1017_zps0303fde2.jpg

top of the tower

 photo 201-IMG_1023_zps86e8386a.jpg

we cannot climb up to it, so we head down

 photo 214-IMG_1063_zpsa5eb1b91.jpg 

it must have been very pretty once upon a time

 photo 218-IMG_1074_zpsf3a30ef8.jpg 

quite a bit has been restored

 photo 219-IMG_1079_zpse2abd138.jpg 

but you can still see the hollow towers.

 photo 224-IMG_1104_zps370303fb.jpg  photo 226-IMG_1110_zpsdf0ea83a.jpg

Another diorama

 photo 227-IMG_1119_zps36ce11ad.jpg

This stone effigy belongs to one of the descendants of the original owners of the castle.

 photo 230-IMG_1126_zpsf1618cfe.jpg 

back out

 photo 235-IMG_1142_zpsa545a4a1.jpg 

these old stones are so expressive..

 photo 237-IMG_1148_zps3ac553f5.jpg 

and the stones are starting to get mossy..i think its getting time to clean them up again

 photo 240-IMG_1160_zps205823c7.jpg 

Light through the windows..

 photo 243-IMG_1169_zps388a7387.jpg

Bay windows? not at all

 photo 246-IMG_1177_zpsea8485b4.jpg 

Peek a boo

 photo 258-IMG_1213_zpse7dbf1ad.jpg

the sun comes out again

 photo 255-IMG_1205_zps27ff6669.jpg

it looks beautiful

 photo 260-IMG_1219_zps709ca120.jpg

the stocks…

 photo 261-IMG_1223_zps30523f91.jpg

the evening sun starts to highlight the castle

 photo 262-IMG_1226_zps75faebee.jpg

and shadows of the fireplaces and windows

 photo 273-IMG_1258_zps8b4ddc6d.jpg 

You can just feel the movement of people in the castle

 photo 281-IMG_1280_zps1e6da970.jpg  photo 282-IMG_1283_zpsd62c22fc.jpg

Wow, grandma, what big mouths you have, we head back out of the moat

 photo 284-IMG_1288_zpsf5e52c55.jpg

see the castle one last time from this side

 photo 285-IMG_1295_zpsdf804363.jpg

beautiful evening day

 photo 290-IMG_1313_zpsab331cb0.jpg

I'm surprised at the square towers, usually square towers aren't made as they are much weaker in attacks compared to round towers, the stone shot bounces or slides off round towers, square towers are not able to redirect such shot.

 photo 296-IMG_1331_zps17f7a9d2.jpg

lovely gambol time

 photo 300-IMG_1345_zpsc73a28b7.jpg

a pillbox dating back to the great war, when people were afraid that Germans would land

 photo 303-IMG_1354_zps8ad572b4.jpg 

beautiful tree

 photo 304-IMG_1358_zpsd0cba389.jpg

and the girls are off as well

 photo 306-IMG_1366_zpsd739b251.jpg

hmmmm, not sure

 photo 307-IMG_1370_zpsb2454008.jpg

a last view of the castle

 photo 308-IMG_1372_zps9a3dc594.jpg

and then this row of trees, beautiful..

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